27 July 2020

Enteq launches XXH, an ultra-high durability Measurement While Drilling system


Enteq launches XXH, an ultra-high durability MWD system. Initial operations of the XXH system are in the high temperature, tough drilling environment for deep gas in South West China.

Enteq’s MWD (XXT) system has a long track record of performing under demanding drilling conditions. Enteq continues to develop the XXT system to deliver improved performance, for Geothermal and high temperature gas drilling.

XXH incorporates Enteq’s ruggedized downhole high temperature and highly resilient electronics with mechanical components engineered using speciality alloy materials.  These integrated modules offer improved operational efficiency and reliability, improved reliability under harsh conditions and reducing operating costs. 

A newly released technology, the Azimuthal Gamma module, is also included in this configuration, particularly to support operations in China.