Licensed exclusively from Shell in September 2019 after many years of research and testing, this game-changing “At Bit” steering system has successfully demonstrated the ability to build significant angle while drilling.

Enteq brings a proven track record of design, engineering and manufacture of robust and reliable MWD solutions for high temperature conditions, with integration/connectivity to Near Bit measurements, LWD and EM / Pulser communication. The engineering team dedicated to the RSS has considerable experience with previous successful systems and has performed comprehensive re-modelling and validation of flow / physical effects.  A thorough re-design of mechanical components and control system has been undertaken in order to deliver a tested and proven down-hole ready solution.

This Rotary Steerable System is being introduced as a simple, high performance, reliable, low cost ‘At Bit’ drilling solution.

The tool deploys a patented novel method of steering utilising forces generated by pressure differentials at the bit. The system will deliver a clean trajectory, eliminating tortuosity, at a significantly reduced operating cost.  

SRSS - external image of tool
No control system limitations – decoupled from pipe-rotationNo Driveshaft – All WOB transferred through internal collarFull 175℃ system (prototype initially 150℃
Decoupling significantly reduces torsional vibration (excellent for MRSS)No external collar material machined awaySolution for high-temperature and geothermal market
Max RPM dictated by bit specifications onlyNo external “hanging” points – low LIH risk


  • US 20160061019
  • US 20160076305
  • US 20160084011
  • Further patents pending

Further updates will be given regularly as the project progresses towards further field trials.