The SABER Tool (Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary Tool) is a step change in directional drilling technology, developed by Enteq Upstream and based on a concept created by Shell.

The ingenuity of the SABER Tool approach lies in the application of proven technologies in novel ways to achieve a sleek, elegant, and mechanically simple design, thereby improving reliability and project uptime versus traditional RSS solutions.

Rather than using pads or plates for geo-steering, the SABER Tool uses an internally directed pressure differential system. By removing these external contact points, the SABER Tool reduces wear and improves reliability, while also achieving true at-bit steering for the first time. The sleek, plain collar design also allows for a smoother borehole, further improving reliability, uptime and cost efficiency.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Enteq Upstream is a proudly independent UK and Houston-based engineering firm world-renowned for its high-temperature (HT) LWD/MWD solutions – expertise that makes the SABER Tool one of the world’s only directional drilling designs suitable for HT applications.

Technology Development

The SABER Tool is not a revolution, but rather a radical evolution in RSS design. The ingenuity behind the concept lies in the combination of various tried and tested technologies to rethink what an RSS should look like.

Enteq Upstream is bringing an alternative type of RSS to the market – the SABER Tool. The concept, initially developed by Shell and re-engineered by Enteq Upstream, overcomes the challenges of traditional RSS design to achieve greater reliability and lower operational costs. Assuming success in field-trials, the SABER Tool promises to be nothing less than a step-change beyond traditional RSS design.

This technology has been licensed exclusively from Shell in September 2019 after many years of research, testing and field testing. This game-changing “At Bit” steering system has successfully demonstrated the ability to build significant angle while drilling. The concept is proven.

Enteq brings a proven track record of design, engineering and manufacture of robust and reliable MWD solutions for high temperature conditions, with integration/connectivity to Near Bit measurements, LWD and EM / Pulser communication. The engineering team dedicated to the RSS has considerable experience with previous successful systems and has performed comprehensive re-modelling and validation of flow / physical effects.  A thorough re-design of mechanical components and control system has been undertaken in order to deliver a tested and proven down-hole ready solution.

Enteq Upstream is currently working with selected project partners to conduct field trials and is open to discussing further field trial opportunities.

The SABER Tool system

The SABER Tool advantage

No control system limitations – decoupled from pipe-rotationNo Driveshaft – All WOB transferred through internal collarFull 175℃ system (prototype initially 150℃
Decoupling significantly reduces torsional vibration (excellent for MRSS)No external collar material machined awaySolution for high-temperature and geothermal market
Max RPM dictated by bit specifications onlyNo external “hanging” points – low LIH risk


  • US 20160061019
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  • Further patents pending

Further updates will be given regularly as the project progresses towards further field trials.

Neil Bird, Enteq’s Rotary Steerable System Product Director, gave this presentation on the SABER Tool at the recent Gibson Reports’ Virtual Rotary Steerable Event: