Enteq maintains a high quality Engineering and Development team based in Houston and the UK as well as working alongside innovative partners.

Specialists are maintained in the disciplines of electronics, mechanical, sensor, software and firmware.

The engineering teams both maintain and upgrade the existing product lines while also working to deliver agreed new product innovations. 

Engineering standards are set to provide fully reliable, robust and field tested equipment to customers. All equipment is designed to operate reliable and long-term at high temperatures, typically 175 deg C, with 185 deg C available, and at the high shock and vibration expected in the deepest of wells.


With consistent development spanning 30 years, the current product offering is well refined in both hardware and firmware. The firmware was developed from a blank sheet and never suffered from “bloat” as unused code was removed for efficiency and stability. As the developers did not start with “canned” code, the code was written specifically for this application.

The Hardware of a low voltage BUS was developed, which due to the features of this protocol makes it the most robust and error free available. Other MWD systems utilize higher voltage data BUS’ which are really susceptible to degradation from temperature and amount of nodes or devices connected. Some systems even have multiple data BUS’ which allow for problems when they switch from one protocol to another, this presents itself as a failure downhole with no explanation once on surface.

The fundamental data handling system is given so much attention  to detail that the errors are greatly reduced or eliminated. This prevents unknown failures from causing interruptions in drilling.

The strong fundamental base gives the platform from which further reliable and functional additions can be added.

Recent Developments Include