27 July 2020

Enteq announces partnership to develop and market a high data rate telemetry system.


Delivering high speed data transmission rates from downhole instruments to surface systems is key to both improving drilling efficiency and enhancing geosteering operations.

Enteq is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Black Gold Research (“BGR”) to develop such a system based on an advanced Electro-Magnetic (EM) principles.  BGR is a Polish company with a worldwide reputation for developing innovative solutions in the field of Electo-Magnetics, sensors, measurements and transmission systems.  These systems are proven to operate in high temperatures, high pressure and high vibration environments.

This co-operation will bring together expertise from both companies in order to commercialise a current BGR project with  Enteq’s proven MWD technology.

Martin Perry, Enteq’s  CEO, commented: 

“ The development of this new technology is perfectly aligned with Enteq’s strategy of delivering quality geosteering technologies. This technology has the potential to address one of the core needs of independent service companies operating globally.   We look forward to working on this partnership with the team at Black Gold Research” 

Mariusz Zientarski, BGR’s CEO, commented:

“We are very pleased to work together with Enteq to introduce this innovative technology to the market. Enteq’s proven MWD platform offers solid and dependable foundation for the new technological upgrade. Enteq’s expertise in product commercialization and MWD market needs will be crucial in the successful launch of the new transmission technology.”