08 July 2020

Enteq launches Azimuthal Gamma


New Product: Azimuthal Gamma – Delivering Lower Cost Geosteering

With the current low oil price environment, Geothermal, Gas and Oil operating companies increasingly need lower-cost geosteering solutions to optimise well-placement and to maximise production. Enteq and Well Resolutions Technology Inc, have cooperated in response to these market demands. Well Resolutions Technology Inc., a technology partner with Enteq, have developed the new Azimuthal Gamma tool (LithoTracker).

Using technologies from the field-proven WRT At-Bit system, this Azimuthal Gamma (or Azi-Gamma) module is fully integrated therefore can easily be combined with the Enteq-XXT MWD system. The LithoTracker Azimuthal Gamma tool has the same 175°C operating temperature and specifications as the Enteq-XXT MWD fleet, ideally suited for high-temperature MWD and geosteering operations.

The LithoTracker Azimuthal Gamma tool has been developed following demand from several customers and is now commercially available as part of the Enteq XXT MWD system.