24 August 2020

Enteq releases latest software version


New Software Release: V3.1

Enteq has released the latest version of the software suite, xxMWD-PCSuite V3.1 

This software version builds on the reliable and stable xxMWD-PCSuite to add a graphic and user-configurable display for Inclination, Gamma and Tool Face Efficiency data from the At-Bit sub. 

The graph is configurable by the user and to improve drilling operations, boundary thresholds can be set to alert if the At-Bit inclination drifts above or below a certain value.

The Tool Face Efficiency Tracking feature allows the user to record tool-faces during sliding while drilling and to analyze how effectively the drilling was executed when compared to the target orientation.

In addition, there are some under-the-hood Microsoft .NET based components to interface with older Microsoft C++ based framework modules. The new .NET framework provides better rendering of 2D graphics and more intuitive user interaction for future releases.