Enteq and WRT (Well Resolutions Technology) have collaborated to provide seamless MWD plus integrated AtBit solutions that can provide directional drillers with real-time access to critical AtBit data for improved drilling operations and faster steering decisions.

The range of At-Bit tools deliver measurements at or near the bit. The At-Bit sub may be run either below a motor, immediately above a rotary steerable system (RSS), or as part of an RSS. When run below a motor, the measurement point is as close as 12 inches from the bit. An EM short-hop system transmits data across the motor to the MWD system. The tools works in almost all mud types.

The tools offer several important applications, including oil-water contact detection, overpressure detection, well placement in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and especially geosteering in thinly bedded payzones. When run with an RSS, the tool may enable truly autonomous geosteering downhole, creating an intelligent RSS.

The tools are available in both 4.75” and 6.75” sizes.

The nominal temperature and pressure ratings are 150°C and 20,000psi. Higher temperature and pressure ratings of 175°C and 25,000psi are also available.