Enteq Overview

Enteq Upstream supplies the global Oil & Gas directional drilling market with high-end, differentiated, robust Measurement While Drilling equipment and associated parts and components.

Enteq Upstream was formed in June 2011 and listed on the London Stock Exchange with the objective of growing a technology and product supply business to the oil and gas services sector. Acquisitions were made in 2012 in the specialist Measurement While Drilling sector, and these businesses have been integrated into the Enteq Drilling product line, which is based on the renowned XXT technology.

The founders of Enteq Upstream were the management team from Sondex, a successful wireline and MWD technology supply business which was grown from small beginnings to a London Stock Exchange main listed company. Ultimately Sondex was sold to GE for around $600m.

The founders of XXT, a technology business acquired in Santa Clara, California, were industry veteran engineers with development experience and expertise spanning many decades and are considered pioneers of MWD technology.

Enteq currently has engineering and manufacturing centers in Santa Clara, California and South Houston, Texas. Sales, integration, admin and distribution centers are located in Austin Texas, Conroe, Texas, and in Amersham U.K. Sales offices have been established in Calgary, Canada and Beijing, China. Enteq employs approximately 100 people.

Measurement While Drilling records and transmits data from the bottom of an oil or gas during the drilling phase, the data is transmitted to the surface in real time in order that the well can be drilled in an optimal manner resulting reduced costs and optimizing production.

Enteq has integrated key elements of electronics, sensors, controls and mechanical components to form a very reliable and rugged MWD system which will work consistently at temperatures of up to 175 Deg C. The Enteq MWD system comprises downhole electronics and firmware developed with many years of unique engineering experience; directional sensors sourced from the aerospace industry; a unique 3-axis vibration and shock sensor to measure drilling dynamics; optimized pulsers for data transmission and interfaces to other industry standard sensors such as gamma ray detectors as well as special services were technology partnerships have been established such as resistivity. Data is acquired at the surface via de-coding hardware and software operated from a ruggedized, explosion PC on the drill floor.

Enteq is committed to on-going engineering and product development and has a team committed to incremental improvement as well as next generation R&D.

Enteq intends to enable their service company customers to gain market share and provide high quality services by :

  • Providing the highest quality, most reliable equipment
  • Providing superior support both technical and commercial
  • Adding technical capability to compete in more complex markets

Enteq intends to deliver enhanced shareholder value by:

  • Increasing the addressable market by International sales expansion and adding technology capability
  • Gaining market share and new customers by technical strength and superior support.

Enteq is well positioned financially to follow a strategy of organic growth and product development as well as investment in product line enhancements.