Enteq is committed to an on-going Research, Development and Engineering programme with the objective of delivering high quality, differentiated products which will enable the customer to provide an enhanced and economically beneficial solution to the oil & gas company. 

Enteq products are based on the following principles;

  • Designed for reliability
  • Dynamics of environment fully considered
  • High temperature capability, enhancing survival in all conditions
  • Stringent component selection
  • Minimal connections and simple lay-out
  • Unique electronic mounting and packaging
  • Redundancy through hardware and firmware controls
  • Designed for operation
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Simple integration
  • No ’frills’ approach to data delivery

Enteq is delivering;

  • Regular software updates
  • New features such as continuous Inclination
  • AtBit capability, in partnership
  • EM Twin / Dual capability, in partnership

Enteq is committed to Improved down hole connection and communication

  • Simple interface for 3rd party sensors
  • Enhanced data handling capability
  • Enteq has in-house engineering and design capability in California, Houston and the UK with electronic, mechanical and software / firmware capability.
  • Enteq has completed a number of collaborative products with 3rd parties for new product development (such as Near Bit with WRT) and integration.
  • Enteq has a sponsored project for development of new inclination sensors and integration with applications in Geothermal wells. 
  • Enteq has filed a number of new patents and has additionally acquired unique IP where applications in future developments are envisaged.