Pulser Driver Electronics Module

The XXT-PDEM Pulser Driver and DC Drive Pulser is a rugged field proven unit with a highly efficient and reliable brushless DC motor. 

The intelligent PDEM electronics optimizes telemetry rates and manages power consumption using an accelerometer flow switch. The DC motor drive gives huge battery savings and higher MTBF than comparable solenoid-based units whilst being easy to service.

The PDEM is a rugged field-proven brushless DC motor driver for use with the motor-driven servo-actuators found in standard pulsers. The PDEM has been designed to optimize telemetry rates and intelligently manage power consumption.


  • Always-on Pulser Driver MPU module with dedicated power-cycled motor control MPU module
  • User-adjustable limits for motor-current battery draw provide optimized power management
  • 3-axis accelerometers provide more reliable flow detection than the competition
  • Internal diagnostic recorders aid job planning and post job review
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with industry standard telemetry equipment provides for easy integration


  • Ruggedized packaging and 175 ̊C rated
  • Compatible with most motor-driven pulsers
  • Responds to standard pulser control logic signals
  • Modular configuration to allow user to easily perform board replacement


Length23.45 inches
Diameter1.36 inches (excluding O-ring)
Operational Voltage16 to 36Vdc
Flow Detection3-axis accelerometer
CompatibilityXXT and GE/Tensor 10-wire Tool Bus
Temp Rating175°C