Mechanical Pulser

The Enteq Pulser Mechanical Module is robust, field proven, bottom mount, positive pulser designed to take advantage of improvements in brushless DC motors technology.

The improvements deliver massive increases in reliability whilst using substantially less power than older solenoid based pulsers. Piston based pressure compensation digital motor control systems give maximum data rates in the widest range of environments.


  • Rugged, field proven design using Enteq extensive experience in both electronics and mechanical engineering
  • Good wash resistance using quality traceable materials sourced and machined using our own US machining capabilities and expertise
  • Brushless DC motor uses significantly less power than old-generation solenoid based designs, meaning longer drilling intervals and lower battery costs
  • Unique time based digital control system allow the use of the smallest pulse width settings ensuring good data at fastest transmission rates
  • Piston compensation offers significant ease of service and reliability benefits over bladder and bellows based devices
  • Handles a wide range of LCM with ease due to high closing/opening force from Brushless motor


  • Suitable for harsh environments with true performance at 175 Deg C and >20000 psi
  • Compact positive pulse design giving the benefit getting sensors closer to bit and reducing overall tool-string length
  • Fully compatible and optimised for use with the XXT PDEM Pulser Driver to give maximum data rates
  • Easy to service and oil fill with a small number of parts for rapid turnaround
  • Uses standard helix and lower end and is fully retrievable/reseatable
  • Can be operated with other pulser drivers


Pressure Rating20000 psi
Temperature Rating175 Deg C, 350 Deg F
Operating Voltage16-36v
Construction MaterialsNitronic & BeCu
Vibration23g, 30-1000 Hz Random waveforms, all axis
Wash ResistanceGood
LCM HandlingGood – 40lbs/bbl Medium Nutplug
Max Solid ContentLess than 1%
Open & Close ForceMax 75lbs
Battery LifeUp to 500 Hours – Directional only
Shock500g, 0.5msec, 1⁄2 sine all axes
Pulse WidthVariable