Azimuthal Gamma Module

The Azimuthal Gamma is a probe-based module that provides Azimuthal Gamma measurements and Continuous Inclination.

The Azimuthal Gamma module (or LithoTracker) measurements complement the total Gamma by tracking the lithology and identifying the direction of bed crossing.

A direct drop-in module to connect with the Enteq XXT MWD tool string, the tool can be run in vertical hole to horizontal-well drilling.


  • Rugged, field proven design using Enteq and WRT extensive experience in electronics
  • Good wash resistance using quality traceable Nitronic materials sourced and machined using our Enteq’s US machining capabilities and expertise
  • Enteq’s integrated interconnect design for reduced rig-up length
  • Nitronic housing for increased resilence in tough well conditions


  • Suitable for harsh environments with true performance at 175 Deg C and >20000 psi
  • Fully compatible with Enteq XXT MWD system – drop in replacement
  • Integrated interconnect design for shorter length
  • Continuous Inclination measurement
  • RPM measurement
  • 3-axis shock & 3-axis vibration sensor


OD1.875 in (48 mm)
Max RPM200 RPM
Max Operating Pressure20,000 psi
Max Operating Temperature175°C
VibrationMax 20 Grms, 50-1000Hz
ShockMax 500 G, 0.5ms (z-axis), 1000 G, 0.5ms (x- or y-axis)

Continuous InclinationRange    0 – 180 degrees
 Repeatability           ±0.2 degrees
 Update Frequency Every 10 sec
Average GammaRange    0 – 1000 AAPI
 Accuracy±5API @ 250API
 Update Frequency Every 10 sec
Azimuthal GammaRange0 – 1000 AAPI
 Accuracy±5API @ 250API
 Number of Sectors16
 Update FrequencyEvery 10 sec