The Enteq MWD System offers a complete MWD solution to start and sustain operations at the well-site. All the required components, downhole tools, surface equipment, wireline equipment and handling tools are contained in a bespoke kit box.

The combination of Enteq XXT and third-party technologies gives the security of significant operational experience, high reliability, highly cost-efficient operations and options for the best in class control and data analysis.

Surface System

The Enteq surface system is based around the xxMWD/PC program suite. This PC based solution offers a unique, feature rich range of programs and utilities to cover every MWD option. Advanced options such as Dynamic Sequencing save operating time and optimize data throughput. The software runs on a ruggedized Laversab 4152 unit or Acura Roughneck 15, which are fully rated to Class 1 Div 2 specification. Within the enclosure sits the Enteq MPRx which utilizes XXT’s best-in-class decoding algorithms to receive and decode the telemetry pulses received from the standpipe’s pressure transmitter. Robust hardware, filtering and embedded firmware is used to remove mud pump and other undesirable noise, allowing the XXT downhole sensors to transmit data at maximum bit rates.

Vibration Monitoring Module

The VIBMON monitors downhole shock and vibration in three axes. Real-time telemetry and display of downhole shock and vibration enables drillers to avoid costly downhole equipment failure and optimize ROP. Data is also recorded downhole for plotting and analysis on surface.

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Directional Interface Module

The XXT DIM provides a flexible, intelligent solution for the acquisition, formatting and telemetry of downhole data to surface. It is a drop-in downhole Directional Interface Module providing Mud Pulse Telemetry compatible with industry standard Tensor systems.

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Enteq Measurement While Drilling

Pulser Driver & DC Drive Pulser

The XXT-PDEM Pulser Driver and DC Drive Pulser is a rugged field proven unit with a highly efficient and reliable brushless DC motor.  The intelligent PDEM electronics optimizes telemetry rates and manages power consumption using an accelerometer flow switch. The DC motor drive gives huge battery savings and higher MTBF than comparable solenoid based units whilst being easy to service.

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Directional Sensor Module

The XXT-DS Directional Sensor, designed to XXT standards and specifications, incorporates the industry renowned JAE accelerometers and JAE or QDC magnetometers. Incorporating XXT’s Digital Head module, the complete Directional Sensor assembly provides a temperature corrected plug-and-play solution using the most reliable aviation specification components.

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Enteq manufactures a complete range of MWD and DD accessories including everything needed to run an MWD survey.  Our South Houston product centre makes everything from spearpoints to mule shoes and all of the barrels and interconnects in between.  We also supply larger accessories including the kit boxes, tools racks and pipe screens.


Gamma Ray Sensor

An Industry standard, natural Gamma Ray tool based around a highly ruggedized scintillation counter and photomultiplier tube.  The GR data can be used in depth correlation and geosteering applications where radioactive uranium is associated with gas rich shales.

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EM Telemetry System

The Enteq EM telemetry system provides high-speed electromagnetic uphole data transmission.  The systems can be used standalone in shallow wells or where mud pulse telemetry is not appropriate.  It can also be ran in combination with a pulser to provide added data security and increase real-time data bandwidth.

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  • Improved control and flexible management of down-hole sensors
  • Intelligent power management for maximum battery life – for highly cost-effective field operations
  • Real-time and recorded shock and vibration data
  • High quality data transmission and self-correction to optimise drilling speed
  • Ruggedized packaging, field proven to 175°C
  • Optimised data management to exploit pulser bandwidth
  • Feature rich acquisition software allowing full control of all aspects of the operation


  • XXT Downhole electronics, drivers and communication
  • XXT receiver card, software and surface equipment
  • Industry standard or XXT pulser system
  • Industry standard Gamma tool and interface
  • XXT / JAE / QDC directional sensors
  • Easy access kit box