PowerHop Downhole Connectivity System

PowerHop seamlessly (without any connection wires or electrical wet-connect), integrates any 3rd party collar based resistivity, LWD sensor or device to a retrievable standard bottom mount pulser MWD string, enabling a simple, safe and efficient rig-up while maintaining retrievability.


  • MWD & LWD sensors immediately above motor
  • Simple & safe rig up for Resistivity / LWD, saving Rig Time
  • Retrievable MWD & Batteries
  • Power efficiency for continuous operation
  • Compatible with all MWD / LWD systems
  • PowerHop is integrated with Centerfire and WRT Resistivity tools)


  • Wireless efficient power & data connection
  • LWD connection below pulser – 3rd party LWD / Resistivity tool
  • Powered by retrievable batteries
  • Built-in translation module for RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus and Q-bus communications
  • Optional MWD sensors below the pulser – Gamma – Pipe / Annulus Pressure – Continuous Inclination


Tool Size OD4.75”, 6.75”, 8”
Weight (inc. Saversubs)534 lbs
Length (inc. Saversubs)182”
BOX up ConnectionNC-40
PIN down ConnectionNC-40
Max OD5.25”
Max Flow Rate300 gpm
Operating Pressure20,000 psi
Operating Temperature175 °C
Operating WOB25,000 lbs
Make-up Torque10,000 ft-lb
Dogleg severity Sliding25°/100’
Dogleg severity Rotating15°/100’
Max Vibration30 grms, 10-500Hz
Max Shock500G, 0.5ms
Mud TypeWater Base, Oil Base, or Synthetic Base
LCM40 lbs/barrel of medium nut plug
Max Sand Content< 1%
Power Transfer15w
Communications Data Rate1,000 bits/sec