The XXT xxMWD/PCTM Program Suite is a collection of 16 applications providing users with all the software needed for working with XXT tools. The Program Suite is a PC-based solution which can run on a ruggedized Laversab DRT or any other PC platform.


  • A complete collection of all the programs you need in one place
  • Powerful feature set for optimized tool operation
  • Advanced capabilities like Dynamic Sequences save operating time
  • A highly comprehensive set of configuration parameters ensures optimized performance
  • Use the real-time shock and vibration displays to avoid costly downtime, protect your tools from damage and optimize penetration rates
  • The ability to lock and unlock menus and parameters ensuring inexperienced users do not compromise operational success by accident whilst retaining  the incredibly powerful system interface for experienced engineers
  • Customisable screens which allow the the display of the users own logo and branding


  • Driller’s Remote Terminal (DRT) and Safe Area PC (SAPC) Configuration Utility for MPTx (DIM) and MPRx
  • xxToolTest - Bench test your tool and actuate your pulser on surface
  • and optimize telemetry data throughput
  • xxRollTest - Measure accelerometer and magnetometer data and generate a Roll Test report
  • xxMemIO - Format and dump recorder log files and tool statistics
  • xxMWDWaveformAnalyzer - Capture and view MPT waveforms in real-time or display previously captured log files
  • vmIndicator - A stand-alone real-time graphical Shock and Vibration display
  • vmAnalyzer - A graphical display of shock and vibration data captured downhole 


xxdrt-sqxxDRT & xxSAPC: Driller’s Remote Terminal

Driller’s Remote Terminal display interface and the Safe Area PC utility

blank xxtooltest-sqxxToolTest:

Provides a DRT-like screen for bench testing the tool

blank xxnetmonitor2-sq xxNETmonitor2:

Adds filtering, highlighting, meta keys, search and more


A Roll Test utility used for testing directional sensors


Read, translate and load XXT and QDT/GE K-Tables


Shock and vibration display for use with XXT’s VIBMON


Format and dump recorder log files from the Tool


Assign a unique node ID to your telemetry PC


Graphically view and plot vibration monitor log files


Configuration Utility for MPRx and MPTx/DIM

  xxmwdwaveformanalyzer-sqxxMWDWaveform Analyzer:

View MPT waveforms in real-time or view previously captured waveform log files


Provides for communication between all xxNET nodes


Terminal Emulator for communicating with the Tool


Monitor & interact with your XXT or QDT/GE network


Zero TFA (set high side), and set IMO and DAO


XXT Downloads for Firmware, Software, Drivers and Utilities