XXT Downhole Tools provide superior performance at extreme temperatures and vibration, delivering Best-in-Class reliability and telemetry of downhole measurements. XXT self-contained shock and vibration monitor is designed to run with both XXT and QDT (Tensor) MWD systems and provides downhole recording as well as real-time telemetered shock and vibration data to help avoid costly downhole equipment failures.

Product blank Model Number  

XL115 Downhole Translator Module

A standard downhole module designed to allow intelligent third-party sensors to pass data to, and accept information from, XXT or QDT (Tensor) MWD systems.





XL215 Downhole Translator Module

A general-purpose downhole analog sensor interface and translator module providing for the measurement and telemetry of seven downhole analog input channels and two downhole frequency input channels.





DIM Directional Interface Module

A drop-in downhole directional interface module with a flexible interface to adapt to orientation modules such as those manufactured by Enteq, MicroTesla and GE.





VIBMON Vibration Monitor Module

A self-contained downhole shock and vibration monitor designed to run with XXT and QDT (Tensor) MWD systems.  VIBMON provides both real-time telemetery and downhole recording of shock and vibration data.





PDEM Pulser Driver Electronics Module

A rugged and field-proven brushless DC motor driver for use with motor-driven servo-actuators.   The specification sheet for the highly power efficient and robust Pulser Mechanical Module can be downloaded here.





XXT-DS Directional Sensor

A plug-n-play downhole directional sensor comprised of three axis accelerometers, three axis magnetometers, and a temperature sensor.