VIBMON Vibration Monitor Module

The VIBMON monitors downhole shock and vibration in three axes. Real-time telemetry and display of downhole shock and vibration enables drillers to avoid costly downhole equipment failure and optimize ROP. Data is also recorded downhole for plotting and analysis on surface.

image vibmon


  • Real time monitoring of axial and lateral shock allows the user to proactively identify tool damaging situations and take immediate action
  • Downhole recording of shock and vibration allows for detailed plotting and analysis on surface
  • xxMemIO and vmAnalyzer applications make downloading and analyzing VIBMON recorder data easy
  • For users running xxSAPC or xxDRT, real-time VIBMON data displays right on the xxSAPC or xxDRT screen
  • vmIndicator provides for display of real-time shock and vibration for users not running the XXT xxMWD/PCTM Program Suite


  • 3-axis ±200g vibration measurement 3-axis ±400g shock measurement
  • 8MB downhole recorder memory 175 ̊C rating
  • Telemetry-compatible with XXT and GE/Tensor MWD systems
  • Low power consumption (approx 12mA @ 28Vdc)


Length: 16.4 inches

Diameter: 1.36 inches (ecluding O-ring)

Power Consumption: Approx 7mA @28Vdc

Temp Rating: 175°C


Plotting and Analysis Application: vmAnalyzer

Measurements: ±200g vibration ±400g shock

Compatibility: XXT and GE/Tensor MWD systems


Operational Voltage: 16 to 36Vdc

Recorder: Non-volatile, 8MB

Reat-Time Display Application: vmIndicator