Surface Translator (Tool to PC): XL50TM

The XL50 Translator provides an easy way to connect your qBus/qMix compatible tools to your PC for programming, configuration, and downloading log files, using your PC’s serial or USB port.

image xl50


  • Designed to be rugged and durable for use in the field
  • Power from tool bus (BattBus) or external power supply
  • Plug and play compatibility with industry standard telemetry
  • Simple and easy to use; provides monitoring and communications interface to the tool’s qBus/xxBus
  • Low power consumption (approximately 200mW)
  • Use XXT’s xxTerminal application for simplified and optimized interface to the tool


  • Both USB and RS-232 options for interfacing to your PC
  • Non-volatile diagnostic event recorder
  • Compatible with XXT and GE/Tensor systems


Dimensions: 6.3”(w) x 3.0”(d) x 3.0”(h)

Operating Voltage: 24 - 36Vdc

Power Consumption: Approx 200mW


Temp Rating: 85˚C (surface environment)

Tool Bus Connector: 10-Pin LEMO or 6-Pin KPT

PC Interfaces: Serial COM Port or USB


Power Source: Tool power (BattBus) or external wall adapter (24 - 36Vdc)

PC Software: XXT recommends using xxTerminal as the Terminal Emulation software for communicating with your XL50