PDEM Pulser Driver Electronics Module

The PDEM is a rugged field-proven brushless DC motor driver for use with the motor-driven servo-actuators found in standard pulsers. The PDEM has been designed to optimize telemetry rates and intelligently manage power consumption.

image pdem


  • Rugged and field-proven design
  • Always-on Pulser Driver MPU module with dedicated power-cycled motor control MPU module
  • User-adjustable limits for motor-current battery draw provide optimized power management
  • 3-axis accelerometers provide more reliable flow detection than the competition
  • Internal diagnostic recorders aid job planning and post job review
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with industry standard telemetry equipment provides for easy integration


  • Ruggedized packaging and 175 ̊C rated
  • Compatible with most motor-driven pulsers
  • Responds to standard pulser control logic signalss


Length: 23.45 inches

Diameter: 1.36 inches (ecluding O-ring)


Operational Voltage: 16 to 36Vdc

Flow Detection: 3-axis accelerometer


Compatibility: XXT and GE/Tensor 10-wire Tool Bus

Temp Rating: 175°C