MWD Overview

Enteq MWD solutions ensure accurate and efficient directional drilling, collecting real-time data from just behind the drill bit including:

Orientation: Inclination, azimuth and toolface angle measurements enable the drilling operator to know the exact well trajectory and steer the well in the required direction.

Gamma and Depth: Measuring natural radioactivity of materials in the well provides a geological map of formation bed boundaries relative to depth.

Shock and Vibration: Recording acceleration of the drilling assembly in three dimensions allows the drilling operator to optimize efficiency and avoid costly damage to equipment.

Resistivity: Multi-depth resistivity investigation to help determine invasion profiles and reservoir stauration using industry standard petrophysical measurements.

AtBit and Tool-Face Efficiency Modules: AtBit solutions will provide directional drillers with real-time access to critical AtBit data for improved drilling operations and faster steering decisions.