Enteq announces the introduction to a new MWD downhole connection and power product (PowerHop) along with two new collaborative products (FusionXT and Geotracker).

PowerHop provides seamless and wireless power/connectivity between MWD probes assemblies with bottom mount pulsers and collar based sensors.

FusionXT is produced by QDC and combines electronics, OM and vibration sensors into a single 34” module operating via Enteq’s industry leading firmware.

Geotracker is produced by WRT and provides azimuthal propagation resistivity immediately behind the bit. Operating via Enteq’s seamless AtBit software/firmware, provides for easy geosteering and monitoring in real-time.

For further information Enteq PowerHop Info Sheet (PDF) and FusionXT info sheet (PDF)

Please come and visit us at the OTC to see PowerHop, FusionXT, Geotracker and other Enteq products at the WRT (Well Resolutions Technology) booth (# 7334 in the Arena) and FusionXT at the Laversab booth (# 405 in NRG Center).