Downhole Translator Modules: XL115 & XL215

The XXT Downhole Translators provide a means for integrating third-party intelligent and non-intelligent devices into the tool string for telemetering both analog and digital third-party signals
to surface.

xl115-xl215 image


  • Ability to interface third-party sensors to a QDT-compatible tool string
  • Interface to intelligent (serial) data and non-intelligent (voltage and frequency) signals
  • 4 serial interface optionsFree-format input syntax for labeled numeric dataparameters
  • Wide operating voltage and low power consumption


  • Telemetry-compatible with QDT and XXT MWD systems
  • Available in a strongback chassis or as a molded module for integration into your own chassis
  • Low power consumption (approx 7mA @ 28Vdc)
  • Wide operating voltage range (17.5 - 35Vdc)
  • Battery-style end connections
  • Multiple Translators can be used in a tool string


Length: 9/04 inches

Diameter: 1.36 inches (ecluding O-ring)

Power Consumption: Approx 7mA @28Vdc

Operational Voltage: 16 to 36Vdc


Temp Rating: 175°C

Serial port options (XL115 ): RS-232
0-5v inverted, single wire

Signal interface (XL215): 7 channel 0f 0-5V
analogue +2 channels of frequency input


Toolbus Communications: Use generic
variables (GVs) or virtual variables (VVars)

Compatibility: XXT or QDT MWD systems