Directional Sensor: XXT-DS

The XXT-DS Directional Sensor, designed to XXT standards and specifications, incorporates the industry renowned JAE accelerometers and magnetometers. Incorporating the XXT Digital Head,
the complete Directional Sensor assembly provides a temperature corrected plug-and-play solution.

image directional sensor


  • Independent power control for magnetometers and accelerometers extends battery life
  • Integrated XXT Digital Head module provides plug-and-play capability
  • Rugged and field-proven at high temperature and high shock and vibration
  • Low power consumption (approximately 2 Watts with all sensors on)


  • 3-axis magnetometers, 3-axis accelerometers, temperature sensor
  • Integrated XXT Digital Head with “K-Table” storage for temperature correction values
  • Independent control of power to magnetometers and  accelerometers
  • Calibrated over the range of 25˚C to 175˚C
  • Rated to 175˚C


Length: 29.0 inches

Diameter: 1.36 inches (ecluding O-ring)

Power Consumption: Approx 2 Watts or less

Temp Rating: 175°C


Survival Temperature: -40˚C to +180˚C

Shock: 500 gees peak (1mS half-sine)

Pointing Accuracy: Approx 1.0°  (±0.1 Inc, ±0.5° Azm)

Calibration Range: 25˚C to 175˚C


Operational Voltage: ±12 to ±15 Vdc

Input Current: ±67mA max

Operating Temperature: -25˚C to +175˚C

Vibration: 20 gees rms (10 to 500 Hz)