DIM Directional Interface Module

The XXT DIM provides a flexible, intelligent solution for the acquisition, formatting and telemetry of downhole data to surface. It is a drop-in downhole Directional Interface Module providing Mud Pulse Telemetry compatible with industry standards.

dim image


  • Rugged and Field Proven. Over 1,000 DIMs operating with proven reliability at 175 ̊C and high shock and vibration
  • Intelligent power management delivers improved battery life
  • High-speed battery switching eliminates system failure due to primary battery fault
  • Auto-resetting over-voltage protection
  • Compatibility with industry standard telemetry and directional modules allows easy integration


  • Rotation Detection + Dynamic Sequencing optimizes telemetry for maximum data transmission
  • Supports transmission of discrete compensated sensor data (appropriate for ISCWSA error model correction)
  • Compatible with single-wire gamma systems Downhole survey and gamma recording capability


Length: 20 inches

Diameter: 1.36 inches (ecluding O-ring)

Power Consumption: Approx. 7mA @28Vdc

Temp Rating: 150°C or 175°C


Detectional Sensor Power Control: Smart, normal, disabled

Steering Sequences: 6

Preconfigured Operating Modes: 4

Operating Voltage: 17.5 - 36 Vdc


Tool Bus: XXT and GE/Tensor Compatible 10-wire

Survey Log: 3,264 Survey records

Gamma Log: Up to 53,144 readings

Dynamic Sequenses: 3

Survey Sequenses: 4