LWD Solutions

AtBit solutions will provide directional drillers with real-time access to critical AtBit data for improved drilling operations and faster steering decisions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Standard Software Key Features

  • Continuous Inclination AtBit
  • 16-sector Azimuthal Gamma AtBit
  • 4-Quadrant Gamma in Real Time
  • Real-Time RPM

Standard Real-Time Data Options

GV0 INC AtBit inclination  0 to 180.0 degrees

GV1 GAMH Gamma high side sector (average 4 upper sectors) 0 to 255 AAPI

GV2 GAML Gamma low side sector (average 4 lower sectors) 0 to 255 AAPI

GV3 GAMA Average of all 16 sectors of Gamma counts of the
AtBit tool
0 to 255 AAPI

GV4 RPM Revolutions per minute of the AtBit tool 0 to 999 rpm

GV5 GRAV Gravity, a check value of the accelerometers 0.9 to 1.1g’s

GV6 BATV Battery voltage 0 to 30 volts

GV7 TEMP Temperature of the AtBit tool 0 to 175 celsius


Standard Screen Presentations

SC01   SC02   SC03 SC04 

Tool Efficiency Module

Toolface efficiency tracking provides Enteq customers and their end users with a simple and useful way to record overall toolface alignment effectiveness during sliding drilling operations as a means to help improve drilling performance.

Toolface data captured by SAPC (Safe Area PC) during each "sliding drilling" event will be display in the toolface efficiency window in a single row of data. The toolface information recorded during the sliding event is categorized into six (6) individual efficiency ranges (+ or -5, 10, 20, 40, 60 and over 60 degrees). Drilling efficiencies are considered to be improved, when recorded toolfaces fall within the lower efficiency ranges.

Toolface Efficiency Software Key Features

  • Pulldown Menu with Pop-up Windows
  • Selectable Toolface Targets
  • Unlimited Sliding Events
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